sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013

From Zurich to the World of Dance Music

Returning the activity of our blog, I'd like to present to my readers - for those who haven't met him yet - Mr. Mike Candys. A little bit older than me, this guy probably grew up with the same musical influence that I had, with two differences: he was born in the Eurodance mainland and followed the producer career.
With a Smiley's mask and songs that doesn't hide the 90's Eurodance keyboards, the beautiful lyrics and also beautiful and high energy vocals - most of them by the talentous singer Evelyn Zanger, or just Evelyn, a dance music singer and songwriter, also from Switzerland - Mike Candys is doing a fantastic job to the Dance Music fans. You can see all the good vibes of the track "Together again", from 2011, on the video above.
If you liked it, you can check Mike Candys work at the website www.mikecandys.ch and Evelyn's music and agenda at www.evelyn-music.com.
Nowadays, Mike Candys is working on a remake of "Take Control", a 90's hit of another swiss talent, one of the worldwide known kings of Eurodance: DJ Bobo, with release date set for next September 6th at the DJ Bobo Official YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOfficialDJBoBo).